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4-Prong T-Nut Inserts are fabricated from mild steel, delivering superior strength and durability. The additional zinc plating offers enhanced corrosion resistance, ensuring product longevity even in challenging environments.


The T-Nut's 4-prong design provides robust grip and secure installation across a wide range of materials and applications. Ideal for both woodworking and metal assemblies, its versatile design meets diverse fastening needs.


Available in bulk quantities, these T-Nut Inserts represent a cost-effective solution for large-scale projects and ongoing inventory requirements. With their blend of durability, versatility, and affordability, 4-Prong T-Nut Inserts are an essential component for various industrial applications.

Steel T-Nut - #10-24 (PN#02908)

  • Mat. Steel
    Thd. #10-24
    D [ -- mm]
      -- in.
    d [ -- mm]
      -- in.
    H [ -- mm]
      -- in.
    h [ -- mm]
       -- in.
    OAL [ -- mm]
      -- in.


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